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UNAITALIA SOLAR BATTERIES (USB) is an innovative startup company specialized in the production of high-tech PV panels and ES batteries for solar energy storage. USB is a limited liability company registered under the “Start-Up Innovativa” section of the Rome Chamber of Commerce. USB acts as a special purpose vehicle (SPV),  formed through the partnership of a UK based company that has been providing international trade services since 2013 and an Italian company offering digital business services since 2010. 


The company's innovative approach includes continuing extensive international Research & Development on products offered to customers, including photovoltaic panels, inverters, and high-tech storage batteries. The  company's outsourcing strategy for sub-supplies is based on international and digital procurement methodologies derived from the founders' specific international and digital professional experience. Additionally, USB’s capabilities in software creation and management is offered  to all its Clients providing an innovative and value added feature  to all its products. 

The company's mission is to offer products and services in the renewable energy sector to the Italian market through integrated solutions that comprise PV panels, inverters and ES batteries, mainly for off grid use.  USB ensures its sustainability through the direct production of photovoltaic panels, along with dynamic and continuous procurement of sub-supplies to guarantee the best cost/quality ratio. USB finally integrates its products with proprietary software installation and remote management which significantly increase the  products use and value by enhancing their digital performance.

USB also aims to shortly open an industrial plant in the south of Italy (more particularly within the "Ionica inter-regional Puglia-Basilicata Special Economic Zone") for which USB additionally benefits from a strategic partnership with "Centro Europa Ricerche" (CER), a specialized research entity.

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